Within easy driving distance from Frankfurt we can provide you with the necessary English know-how for your job.


Classes are intended for people working in an office or intending to work in an office. They will help you with your communicative business skills, the structure of an English presentation, telephone conversation and with meetings. They will supply you with a wider range of grammar background and special idioms used in English and American business conversation. We provide training for all levels from A2 (you should possess some basic knowledge of English, otherwise please start with a course "English for everybody").  If you are interested, please look at our preliminary time table. An Englisch native speaker ist ready to teach you according to your individual needs.


you can

  • phone us for an initial consultation
  • discuss the necessary steps to be taken in a personal meeting
  • inform us about your individual language background
  • get an overview of our staff ready for your training as well as our time table
  • suggest a course book or listen to our propositions
  • have a look at our friendly and inviting seminar rooms
  • book a special course with one trial lesson


After these initial steps we will offer either lessons as an individual training, which ensure special support for your individual needs, at your own language background. You will have your special private teacher (German or English) who coaches you intensively or more slowly, according to your personal situation.


You may also want to attend our group lessons, which are more relaxed and less intensive, of course. This language programme is subject to an initial group meeting to discuss the fixed time and hour of the course as well as the type of book and special conditions like "homework", "vocabularly learning", "communicative simulation" of office situations etc.. Of course you will have your special private teacher (German or English) coaching you for the time of your programme.

Groups are limited to 3 - 4 people to ensure the active participation of every student.



We offer also English and German for little kids.

Neu! Türkisch, Chinesisch, Polnisch und Arabisch von Muttersprachlern.


Wir bieten auch Kinderbetreuung während der Kurse an.

We offer also child care during lessons.

Wir bieten auch Russisch und Business-Englisch an.

We give lessons in Russian and Business-English.

Neueröffnung des Sprachtreffs in Kronberg im Herbst 2021! Gleiches Konzept, Anmeldungen jetzt möglich!


Wir bieten Konversationskurse in Deutsch, Englisch, Französisch u. Spanisch an(einzeln oder in einer Gruppe) mit Kaffee u. Kuchen.



Unterortstraße 1b

65760 Eschborn

Tel. 06196/48 46 44 (dienstags u. donnerstags von 15.00-17.00 auch persönlich anwesend, sonst AB), 0152-29299025 immer zu erreichen


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